Air conditioning is the process of removing heat and moisture from the inside of an occupied space in order to improve passenger comfort. Air conditioning can be used in both home and commercial environments. This process is most often used to create a more comfortable indoor environment, usually for humans and other animals; However, air conditioning also serves to cool and dehumidify rooms filled with heat-generating electronic devices, such as computer servers, power amplifiers, and to display and store sensitive products such as works of art. What is air conditioning service?

Air conditioning service

It is important to clean the residential air conditioning filters (or air conditioners) and regularly clean the coils with disinfectants. Irregular operation of the air conditioning will lead to the formation of fatal legionnaires in the coils.

In the period between the contractual air conditioning service, do the following to make your new air conditioning system work safely and best.

Air conditioning cleaning and inspection

The first step of the air conditioning service is to check if the air conditioning system is dripping water. An air conditioning service technician will check for leaks from pipes or ducts inside the unit. In doing so, he / she will empty, remove dirt and debris, and clean the AC unit to increase its efficiency.

Air conditioning filters

Most air conditioning systems have a filter above the evaporator coil that removes particles to keep the air conditioning system clean and remove particles from the air.

When performing your task, the filter will be loaded with more random particles, which will reduce airflow. If the filters are left unchanged, the airflow will decrease and become a new source of air pollution. The best way to handle this is to regularly replace the air conditioner filter to ensure it is functional.

What is air conditioning service?

Checking the coolant level

An air conditioning service technician must check the coolant level in the air conditioning. When the coolant level is lower, your AC will stop working. This is because the temperature of the cooling coil drops below normal.

General inspection

During the air-conditioning service, a general check is carried out after all other services have been performed. The main components, such as the fan motor, condenser unit, compressor, evaporator unit, thermostat and many more, are checked for faults.

The air conditioning service helps to identify air conditioning problems and ensures the proper functioning of all parts of the air conditioning. Regular air conditioning service is the best way to optimize the air conditioner.



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